Wisdom teeth pain is a devastating experience. The third molar fails to erupt into its original position and gets struck within the bone. This results in excruciating pain when the tooth tries to erupt into the oral cavity.

In severe painful conditions, you may not complete your regular work. If this is the scenario you are in with, then here are top 5 remedies to have relief from tooth pain.

Caution The remedies mentioned here are only to have transient relief from severe third molar pain. The best treatment can be only after your visit to the dentist. It is always better to have a dental checkup in such painful conditions.

If such conditions are not treated, they may lead to severe devastating situations.

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Clove for wisdom teeth

Clove oil contains a natural ingredient called Eugenol. It is a natural anaesthetic. Hence clove in oil form is the best solution for pain relief.

Using pieces of clove between teeth can soothe gums and tooth preventing pain. Chewing clove can also reduce pain to some extent.

*note: Prolonged placement of clove between teeth is not advisable as it results in bone loss.

Garlic for wisdom teeth

Garlic has antibiotic property. Hence chewing a piece of garlic can reduce bacterial load in the mouth. This, in turn, reduces tooth pain due to severe infection.

*note: Complete cleaning of mouth after chewing garlic is advisable. Pieces of garlic left over in the mouth can produce pungent smell causing discomfort.

Salt with Luke warm water

Plain salt mixed in lukewarm water can act as an antibiotic and can prevent bacterial growth. The warm water can penetrate between oral tissue and provide superior cleaning.

*note: Excess warm water [hot] is not advisable as it may increase swelling instead of reducing them.

Ice pack for wisdom teeth

In case of severe pain with swelling ice pack works out best. It is also called as cold therapy. The reduced temperatures in these areas help in reducing blood flow to the tissues.

Decreased blood flow reduces inflammatory mediators thus reducing swelling.

*note: In case of wisdom tooth pain, one should ice over the swelling [out side of face], but not within the mouth.

The best practice is to roll ice within a plastic bag and applying it on the area of swelling.

Tree tea oil wisdom teeth

Tree tea oil is a good anti-inflammatory agent, which reduces pain and swelling. But direct application of tea tree oil in its pure form is not advisable. Always it should be added to a carrier oil like olive oil.

The best practice to use tea tree oil is to mix it with olive oil. Take the mixture onto a small cotton ball and place it near the third molar.


  • Never apply pain balms over the wisdom tooth. Never use pain relieving sprays on a wisdom tooth. Such practices can cause severe swelling resulting in escalating the condition.
  • Never try to over brush the area. It can lead to an increase in pain and swelling of tissues.
  • Touching the painful area with your finger is not advisable. Repeating this procedure can only increase the severity of pain.
  • If pain is very severe and is associated with large swelling, then the first thing to do is to consult your dentist.
  • Never wait for the pain to subside by using home remedies.


The above-given home remedies can give temporary relief or may delay pain. But they cannot cure it completely. The best practice is to consult a dentist and have the treatment done as soon as possible. These are few things to take care off during wisdom tooth pain. If you like the article please do share it.


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