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How many of you experienced pain after root canal treatment? I think most of you. Of course! that’s why you are here. This post mainly deals with how to manage pain after root canal and what are the main causes of pain. So keep reading.

A root canal is a procedure to repair your damaged teeth by cleaning pulp chamber and canals, filling them with some inert material, followed by a cement filling over it.

These are root canal treatment steps, explained in simple language. Unfortunately, pain is one of the common findings in patients who have undergone root canals.

But how severe it is?

Does it have any harmful effect on treated teeth? Why do I get pain while biting on root canal-treated teeth? What are the side effects of the root canal? Will that pain becomes severe after a root canal?

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So, let us answer these questions.

Many a time patients call me, one day after the root canal, and complain about mild or discomforting pain while eating on root canal-treated teeth.

Reasons for pain after root canal

Pain after a root canal can be seen in many patients. Pain after the root canal can occur because of many reasons.

Usually, mild discomforting pain after the root canal is usually seen because of the residual infection present in the root ends of the teeth.

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While doing a root canal, a dentist cleans the crown and root portion of the teeth. He cannot go beyond it. The infection that is present beyond the root apex has to be cleaned by our body’s own immune system, and it does take some time.

This is one of the reasons why patients have mild pain even after a root canal. It stays for few days and disappears, ones body’s immune system clears the clutter beyond the roots of teeth.

This type of pain is usually mild and aggravates while eating on the root canal-treated teeth. This is one of the reasons why root canal-treated teeth huts when tapped. The pain usually subsides within a week after a root canal.

Sometimes, severe dry canals of the root are more vulnerable to fracture while undergoing a root canal. In such cases, pain persists in patients even after a root canal.

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In most instances, the pain will be severe and aggravates to an intolerable level on biting. In such cases, a dentist’s follow-up is needed, so that he can plan further treatment.

The third reason for pain during a root canal can be due to an incomplete root canal. Many a time I see people having incomplete root canal treatment, due to various reasons. It can be due to sheer negligence to lack of time to have an appointment with their dentist.

An incomplete root canal treated teeth can act as potential media for bacteria to grow and re-infect the root canal. 

In such instances, patiently observes tooth pain months and years after a root canal. As time passes, the canals get re-infected and may result in severe pain.

The high point on the cement filling on root canal treated teeth. It does create severe pain while biting. Hence a patient should always analyze their BITING FREEDOM before and after tooth filling.

Any discomfort on the tooth after filling, while biting should be brought to the notice of your dentist, so that he corrects it in time.

The fifth and final reason for pain in the root canal can be due to ROOT CANAL FAILURE.

In most of these instances, the exact reason cannot be found. It can be due to many reasons, starting from the complex anatomy of root canals to improper filling of canals.

Some teeth have complex root canal morphology where complete cleaning of a root canal is not possible, at the same time complete filling of the canal is not possible. In such cases these remnants of the root canal act as potential spaces for pathogens to harbor and re-infect the root canal.

Now, I think most of you found answers to the above questions. Let us analyze them.

But how severe it is?

Pain after a root canal can range from mild to severe extent. It’s always better to consult your dentist if pain do-not subside within 3 to 4 days after root canal completion.

Does it have any harmful effects and side effects on treated teeth?

A root canal will not have any harmful effect on teeth. But one side effect is, they become brittle as days pass. This is due to the non-vitality of the teeth. hence its always better to have additional support like a crown over the treated teeth

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Why do I get pain while biting on root canal-treated teeth?

Pain while biting can be of 2 types. Mild discomforting type and severe throbbing type. Mild discomforting type of pain usually arises due to residual infection, beyond the root canal treated teeth. It subsides within few weeks/days. 

But severe throbbing type of pain while biting cannot be overlooked. It’s better to consult your dentist as early as possible.

Will that pain becomes severe after a root canal?

In most cases, the pain subsides after the root canal. A root canal is a procedure, where we remove the blood vessels and nerves supplying those particular teeth. Hence chances of pain after a root canal are comparatively less.

So, let us analyze few steps on how to proceed after a patient gets pain after the root canal.

Over the counter medication 

In most instances, patients can take over-the-counter pain medications to get relief from root canal pain, if they fail to get their Dentist’s appointment. 

Dental checkup 

It’s always better to have a follow-up check-up with your dentist, after the root canal. This can rule out any untoward consequences expecting to come in the future. 

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Crown over tooth 

Never be in a hurry to have an immediate crown over the root canal-treated teeth. If you are satisfied with the root canal treatment, and you think, the teeth to be fine, then feel free to ask your dentist about the crown.

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Any question? Feel free to ask in the comments section. It will be my pleasure to answer you.

Also, watch this youtube video on pain after toot canal.

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